NZ Datsun build/rides thread index [under construction]

Show everyone your mean datto projects/rides
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NZ Datsun build/rides thread index [under construction]

Post by Bartman » Sat Sep 03, 2011 9:19 pm

Other mods/admin feel free to tweak this thread.

Aarons 1972 GC10 Skyline

Datsun 1200's

2Dr sedans
2Door's 1200 2dr sedan

Sedans (B110)
darrenwilson's 1200 sedan
Braasmonkey's 1200 sedan
MR-1200's 1200 sedan
Datsun 118's 1200 Sedan
Kobyn's 1200 Daily
Kobyn's 1200 rally car
Gumboot's 1200 sedan
tga_sss's Datsun 1200sss
Classicdat's 1200 sedan
Garth's 1200 sedan
WRCDAT's 1200 sedan
Finchy's 1200 sedan
NickM's 1200 sedan
Z181200's 1200 sedan
Dattoboy's 1200 sedan Deluxe
DetDat's 1200 sedan
Jas1200's Datsun 1200sedans
Blair's 1200 sedan's
Bezman's 1200 sedan
MsDato's 1200 Sedan
Kitch's 1200 sedan
Datto1200's 1200 sedan
Grant76's 1200 sedan
Brocky41&LUFDAT's 1200 sedan
BRNWGN's insane datsun collection
Mush's 1200 sedan

Coupes (KB110)
z18et1200coupe's 1200 coupe
Deano5's 1200 coupe
Kitch's 1200 coupe
Speed freak's 1200 coupe etc
Wagons (VB110)
Dattochriswagon's VB110
Karlos's 1200 wagon
My1200's 1200 coupe
Dattoboy's 1200 coupe
Luke's 1200 coupe
Flauski's 1200 coupe
Mint16's 1200 coupe
Datto coupe's 1200 coupe rally car
Phatsun's 1200 coupe
Jimbo's 1200 coupe
Stirlingmac's 1200 coupe & Ute
MY1200's old 1200 coupe
Mitey 1200's 1200 coupe

Utes (GB110/GB120/)
Dattodevil's 1200 ute
Grant76's 1200 utes
Hadz88's Datsun 1200 Ute
Chopper's 1200 Ute
Project_1200_ute's 1200 ute
Evil13's 1200 ute
Carp's 1200 ute
SR1600's 1200 ute
Chopper's 1200 ute
Mint16's 1200 ute
Kartboy's 1200 ute
Blair J's 1200 ute
Cheater5's 1200 ute and wagon
EM's SR1200 ute viewtopic.php?f=9&t=3829

Datsun 120Y
Brocky41's 120Y Sedan (B210)
atchernv's 120y Sedan
Ginga-Dato's 120Y sedan
Dan's 120y sedan
ManDo's 120Y SSS
120Yproject's 120Y
Datsin's 120Y sedan

Datto's 120Y coupe
DatsunNewbee's 120Y coupe
TL Speed Shop's 120Y coupe
Jrod's 120Y coupe
Rusty's 120Y coupe
Deltapeco's 120Y coupe

Agallager's 120Y wagon
Crustywhip's 120Y wagon(s)
Who Dat 120Y's 120Y wagon
NickM's 120y Wagon
150Y's 120Y wagon

Datsun Sunny

Sedans (B310)
SeEn-ThE_lIgHt's B310
Brocky41/CUL8er's sunny sedan
Plastered's Sunny sedan
LilMan's sunny sedan
Dirty D's Sunny sedan
Datman310's sunny sedan
Funkydato's sunny sedans
Seen the light's datsun plusar sedan

Coupes (KB310)
Kartboy's 1400SGX sunny coupe
Tmyers's sunny coupe
Uncle Silvia's 140Y coupe
Datomic's sunny coupe
Volodkovich's KPB310 sunny coupe
Bartman's old KB310

Wagons (WB310)
Datman310's sunny wagon
Fast4motion's Sunny wagon
Fast4motions sunny wagon
Mint16's Sunny wagon
LUFDAT's Sunny Wagon

Datsun 1600 (P510)

NZDatsun Club BRE BBQ trailer
Datsunboy's 1600 SSS Coupe (KP510)
1600sss's 1600SSS
Gingofthesouth's Datsun 510
Chris_G1's Datsun 1600
Lewishorrel's datsun 1600
Hsepwr's 1600
Miguel sss's 1600 SSS
Broke's 1600 SSS
Lukey's 1600 SSS
YDStarlet's Datsun 1600
Acoustix's 1600 sedan
BRE510's 1600 2dr sedan
Datto Dan's 1600 sedan
Dan1200sss's Datsun 1600
PL510's 1600
Suped's 1600 sedan
Torqued's 1600 sedan
Bartman's 510
LHD510's 1600 and other datsuns
Mint16's 1600
Illusive's 1600
Nosebleed's 1600
BRE510's datsun 1600 collection
King_josh_the_2's 1600
2 door's datsun 1600
Martin SSS's 1600
Godzilladat's dad's 1600
Mint16's other 1600
Mint16&BRE510's joint 510 project
SR69's 1600
MY1200's old 1600
Vaughan's 1600 De Lux
Dylphil7's datsun 510" onclick=";return false;

Datsun 180B

Datto_610's 180B sedan
Mikewazowski's 180B sedan
Callanbull's 180B sedan
Twin cam 180b's 180B sedan
MONTY's 180B
180BST's 180B sedan
Brocky41 & LUFDAT's 180B sedan

Lewis Horrel's 180B SSS Coupe
Jamiesix's 180B coupe
Dat180's 180Bsss coupe

Mikewazowski's 180B wagon
Alessandra's 180B (810) Wagon
Foxy's 180B wagon


Datrat's S110
Dmitry's S110

Datsun Violet

Datto princess's 140J
73 Violet's 140J
Lulu's 140J
Unlimited power's 140J
Lang Inder's 140J -------------------------------------------------------BART-------no link!!!!!
Chube82's Datsun 160J
160Jsss's 160J SSS
160Jsss's 160J SSS
??????'s 160Jsss (A10 Stanza)
Unlimited power's 160JSSS
Unlimted power's other 160JSSS
Flauski's 140J sedan
Hey-mish's 140J sedan
Mint16's 140J sedan

Datsun/Nissan/Prince Cedric/Gloria/

Big a's nissan Gloria super deluxe
1337 cookie's 260C (330 series Brougham)
Skdmrx's Cedric sgle
Zeb's 260C
R30 Guru's 1967 Prince Gloria
Brocky41's 260C derby car
Kirk28's Datsun 260C 330 Wagon
Fletch's 1968 G130
Solidstripe's Prince gloria

Datsun/nissan Bluebirds
Jeramiahnz's 410 bluebird
Cheese910's 910s
Cheese910's other 910 thread
Datman310's 910 SSS hardtop
Skutaman's 910 bluebird
Kitch's 910 bluebird
Mindgem's 910 bluebird wagon
Mongol's 910 SSS hardtop bluebird
Mongol's 910 SSS hardtop bluebird
Dirty Leppa's 910 wagon
Patrick Walburn's Datsun 410
Mint16's 910 bluebird wagon
Ratsun81's 910 bluebird
Dirty_leppa's 910 sedan
Datto610's 910 sedan
180BST's 910 sedan

Datsun/Nissan/Prince Skylines

Aarons 1972 GC10 Skyline
Flauski's 1974 KHGC110 Datsun 240K / Nissan Skyline
Mark105's KHLGC110
R30 Guru's HR30 Skyline
Chube82's R31 skyline
Lufdat's R31 wagon
Kyteler's C110 & prince skylines
R30 Guru's V8 HR30 Skyline
Rustyra's 1960 Prince skyline
Shuan's 240K skyline
NZMax's Prince skylines
nztomcat's C211
Dattohoarder's 240K and 260C
BADHABIT's HR30 Skyline
Damo's 1973 H230 260C Sedan

Datsun Zed cars)

240znz's 240Z
P510psi's 240Z -------------------------------------------------------------BART--------no link!!!
Classicdat's Blue '71 240Z

DJZ's 280ZX
Jabo's 280ZX
85_Z31's 300zx
KSpatz's 300ZX (Z31)

Datsun 521 utes

521Mcgee's 521
Dattochriswagon's 521 ute
Gtref's 521 ute
[____mad_____]~xX's 1968 DATSUN 521 LHD
Mr President's 521 ute

620 utes
Datomic's 620 ute
Datto620's 620 Ute
Ging's 620 ute
Sparkle's 620 ute
Bartman's 620 utes
4TRUBL's 620 ute

720 utes

Fab_Weld's 720 Ute
Lufdat's 720 ute
Dattochriswagon's 720 ute
Dylphil7's 720 4wd ute


Gojozoom's C32 Laurel
Dirtyleppa's C31 Laurel
Dirty Leppa's other C31 Laurel
[____mad_____]~xX's C32 Laurel
Brocky41's C231 Laurel

Datsun Cherry

Rez's Datsun cherry
Cherrygirl's Datsun Cherry

2Doorss, "The datsun garage"" onclick=";return false;

Non datsuns
Z181200's half datsun ute
Seen the light's CA18det mk1 escort
Dylphil's commodore
MInt16's go-kart of death
Dirty_leppa's BBQ go-kart
Dattochriswagon's Honda C50
Brocky41's vintage go-kart of death
Crustywhip's X31 Corona
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Re: NZ Datsun build/rides thread index [under construction]

Post by PeteSSS » Fri Dec 02, 2011 11:50 pm

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Re: Africa Datsun build/rides thread index [under constructi

Post by boosted africa » Tue Oct 16, 2012 7:43 am

Nissan ute l20b turbo
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