Cruises being 2 day events

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Cruises being 2 day events

Post by Jabo » Thu Apr 26, 2018 9:25 pm

Hi All

Not sure this is the right place.
I am a long time forum/once apon a time club member and I have noticed that most events/cruises have become full weekend/over night excursions.

I have always enjoyed attending cruises but due to a busy life/work I struggle to attend 2 day events and long for the days of day drives to destinations with fellow Datsun enthusiasts.

Is there a reason alot seem to become full weekend events? I don't want to sound moany but if more events where day trips I could attend more.

Just my thoughts would love to hear others thoughts

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Re: Cruises being 2 day events

Post by brocky41 » Thu Apr 26, 2018 11:36 pm

There are only a few single day events / meets and they in my opinion are too few and far between. Its funny that even is talking about futures of forums / where to next / are they a dying breed? ,alot due to dwindling numbers to larger events. And even some car clubs (by car clubs i mean like the Hawkes Bay Car Club or Canterbury Car Club, not Chur RFB facebook club) are struggling for numbers to smaller events like Motokhanas and Autocrosses.

Ive been there done that - trying to run various clubs and usually, not always its the same people running the show until one day they've had enough (me included) and walk never to be seen again. Its hard work organizing things believe me, but i do think that this club in particular needs to start banding together with other clubs for various things.

Canterbury Car Club - Autocrosses / Motokhanas - alot of fun, usually a half day, can spectate, get BBQ trailer involved, Cheap motorsport for those that want to participate or spectate alike, and we dont have to do too much to be involved aswell as our club not having to work out how to properly run these events. Sure its not just "us" but it would help both clubs greatly in the long run.

Christchurch Trackdays - Usually have a few spots and all the reasons above apply (OS) - even have a drag day in AKL - possibly CHCH in the future - and again all the reasons above.

I think forums are great in a sense they bring people from all walks of life along and usually it dont matter if you have a show car or a clunker everyone has the same "Car Blood"

So to get to my point here, and just looking at this club for a minute, the Auckland "Branch" seem to have a handle on organizing the one day events (hell they even did a lunchtime ANZAC gathering) - big turnouts that even out do some of the souths big or 2 day events. I think the clubs christchurch branch ie the committee need to scrub "the big ones" in favor of more local stuff and have one big Nats in each island biannually (actually like I said to do a few years back).

I can almost guarantee growth and better club for it - as Jabo said everyone has things they need to do. Their lives and work, wives, husbands, family, church, sports game and motorsport on TV on a sunday afternoon every 2nd weekend (Me watching V8's) and to go foward i think the club as a whole needs to look at ways of including / taking into account all that for its members.

This is my own opinion - have a go if you wish. Looking at the minutes of the Comittee meetings there is alot going on that i had no idea was happening (skids at barts). Maybe new Topics posted that come from comittee meetings to discuss.

I dont know the answer - its late and im waffling on


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Re: Cruises being 2 day events

Post by 2 doors » Fri Apr 27, 2018 8:41 pm

Brocky ,you have hit the nail pretty square, we ARE trying to do more spontanious one day things, for example ortan bradley park netted 20 datsuns which is more than we coud get to akaroa some years, also kartboy luke and a couple of others smashed out a run on the spur of the moment a couple of weeks ago, our new years bbq had a fair turn out, and we have a grass karna coming up on the 12th may.
The Southern cruise is a 2 day event and always has been, its done more out of tradition and the fact that the scenery is spectacular at that time of the year, its also a 2 day event because we have some members in Oamaru who put on a mean breakfast and kindly donate resources to make that work, many members in the past have treated this as a one day event returning to chch the same day .
We are trying to find new things to do etc, but it does seem like its left to the committee to come up with these ideas, there is absolutely nothing stopping any forum member from organising a cruise of their own, Mohit would be a great example of this, so get amongst it folks, keep an eye on the committee forums pages and feel free to put your 10 cents in, we are here to represent you, the committee might meet in chch but we are well aware the club is a nz wide one.

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