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Post by mungyz » Wed Oct 26, 2011 6:14 pm

Hey sorry for the late reply

Yes you can buy tickets on the day, please try to bring cash as EFTPOS can be a pain in the brain when there are cues :)

Here is the preliminary schedule for the day, this WILL change slightly to suit a couple of things as they are confirmed so please try not to cry about it too much on the day

7.45am gates open for all show n shine, track, Dodsons gymkhana challenge & spectators who are with these entrants.

7.45am paperwork starts for all indemnity forms etc, cash sales for full day track sessions only at this point.

8.45am drivers briefing for track sessions.

9am gates open for general public

9am – 9.15am track sessions begin.

9.30am drivers brief for the gymkhana challenge/skid pan, this is for the drifters and the guys who will be teaching/training entrants on the day (what the course is etc) allow for ten minutes.

10am skid pan opens with drifting demonstration, depends on number of cars etc but maximum time 1/2hr

10.30am Dodson’s gymkhana challenge commences

10.30am show n shine entries & club displays etc to confirm they are ready to be viewed/judged

11am club displays and show n shine entries are viewed/judged – results brought back to Nizfest garage for discussion etc.

12. Lunch break for track marshals etc, skeleton crew remains for on track drift display, volunteers required to place tyres at edge of track for drift display, skid pan shut down for lunch unless really busy (1/2hr).
While tyres are going out on track Miss Nizfest comp is on. (15mins)

12.15 On track drift display, runs for half an hour or as time allows
By 1. track is cleared, afternoon track sessions briefed, playday on track continues.

3pm drift display on track for half hour

3.30pm cars on catwalk, half hour maximum time allocation (only the best concepts will go out)

4pm (or 4.30 depending on when track closes) prize giving on skid pan at entry end.

You can turn up when you like and go home when you like if you are a show n shine entrant - actually anyone can turn up whenever EXCEPT for track entrants, you guys MUST attend the drivers briefing.

We will have some pretty ladies on the day to direct you where to go - DO NOT try and hit on them they will be busy

Everyone who has entered should get an email with ALL the information they will need prior to the event.

Thanks again for the support guys! it really helps to see people getting behind the event, check out Mothers and Kicker supporting the show n shine with awesome prizes!!

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