Annual Club Subs Due - For current and new Financial Members

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Annual Club Subs Due - For current and new Financial Members

Post by brocky41 »

Hi Guys,

The 2013/2014 Financial Member Subscriptions are now due.

For newer members, why become a Financial Member?

For a first year joining fee of $40 (you, and close family) get........

- 1 year Financial Member Status

- 1x large windscreen banner (sticker - normally $10 each, if you want more $5 each after first free one)

- 1x smaller side window banner.

- Club deal @ Swann Insurance (20% off and 5% back to the club)
- Discounts @ many other business' including
*Proparts Napier
*BNT Wairakei Road (CHCH)
*Repco (nationwide)
*Cockram Nissan
*Acton Automotive (CHCH)
-Discounts on all our cool clothing

Also the knowledge that your hard earned cash will be put to good use, in the form of our club BBQ Trailer that is under construction as we speak.


For last years members the Fee is $20 for you and / or your family.

Site admin has created a new usergroup for financial members, and there is forum under the NZ Datsun Society section where only Financial members may read and/or post.
Only Financial Members will be eligible to become Committee members, Moderators or Admins.

We as a club are going to be working hard this year to bring more value to the club and to its members, we are only a small club but hopefully this year we can grow again.

You can pay by direct debit to the club account -
Account name - NZ Datsun Club Incorporated
Account number - 38-9009-0831864-00
Please PM Bart (Bartman) once you have done this so he can match up the payments.
Or if you'd prefer, you can pay by cash by contacting either myself or Bart.

Please do not hesitate to Ring me or PM me about anything to do with the club,

Brock Overend
Club President
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Re: Annual Club Subs Due - For current and new Financial Mem

Post by Tony_Whenua »

Just paid $20 ... Money well spent
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