Help With Facts about The Prince Gloria

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Help With Facts about The Prince Gloria

Post by factfinder » Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:42 pm

I am hoping someone could help me with some facts for a fiction book I'm writing

I've hopefully attached a photo of our family car which I remember being a "Prince Gloria 6" but I hoped someone could confirm from the photo (sorry it's the only photo of the car I have) that it was in fact that model along with it's full correct model name - also the approximate year of the vehicle so I make sure I place it in the appropriate part of the story. We lived in Blenheim so it makes sense it would have been assembled in Christchurch but I can't seem to find anything online that states the exact year they started assembling them there.

I'm trying to figure out if I got picked up from Sunday School in the Prince Gloria or the Nash Rambler we also had as I was growing up - I probably started Sunday School in the very early 60's - would be great if anyone has info so I can get my facts right and place the car in the right part of the story.

Also I remember it being a grey colour - if anyone knew the exact name of the colour that would be awesome and even more awesome if anyone knew what colour the upholstery would have been and any other dinky little facts about the car that may layer extra texture into the description of me sitting in the back of the car having to return to Sunday School to return a bag of tomatoes that I didn't know I was meant to put on the altar for Harvest Festival. I'm pretty sure ours had overdrive because I remember being impressed with that concept, but that could equally have been the Rambler that had that. If anyone has one with original interior any photos would be wonderful.

But any details or interesting facts about the car you can give me would be welcomed and most appreciated - many thanks!
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